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BENT 1 Slaying The Giants in Your Soul Teaching Soak Combo


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Brand New 3 Disc Teaching Series along with a 1 Disc Companion Soaking CD! Total 4 Disc CD Set. Music by Janie DuVall

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BENT 1 – Slaying the Giants in Your Soul 3 Disc teaching

I spent my life controlled by negative character bents. Even as a Christian I had to fight every day to not feel consumed with anger, depression, fear and bitterness. It seemed that no matter how much I repented, fasted and prayed these explosive destructive behaviors always returned then sabotaged and destroyed every part of my life. I longed to feel the peace and joy the bible promises we have.
Then I started getting sick with cancer, chronic pain, viruses, and a huge assortment of illnesses. As I studied the word, I saw that the physical problems I was battling with were directly connected to these horrible character bents in me. I knew that in order to get totally healed that I needed to get to the root of these issues. That’s when God showed me that these types of behaviors have their origins in Genesis 6 when the giants first appeared on the earth.
“Now giants were upon the earth in those days. And God seeing that the wickedness of men was great on the earth, and that all the thought of their heart was bent upon evil at all times…”

Are you sick, suffering from lack, broken, spilt apart from your loved ones and controlled by negative character bents? Then you could have a wound in your soul that goes all the way back to Genesis 6 so you are fighting against a giant! In this intense study I reveal how the Nephilim of old are the controlling and destroying billions of people around the world through every day character flaws in their souls.
This 3 cd teaching set includes over half a dozen healing activations in it so you can finally be free from their control. As an added healing resource, I recommend you also get “The Bent Soaker.” It is stuffed full of the same scriptures and decrees I used to get completely free from these ancient spirits!
Happy giant hunting! 


Bent - Soaking Away the Giants in Your Soul 1 Disc Soak

Part 1 in a Series
The process of taking down giants is twofold. First, you get a revelation, then immerse yourself in it. In this powerful soaker, I use all the scriptures I expounded upon in Bent -Slaying the Giants in Your Soul to create a one- of- a- kind deliverance tool that will cause:
- God’s angelic army will go forth to slay every enemy
- Dunamis power will heal your character bents and enable you to make supernatural choices
- You will walk in the fruit of the Spirit; your personality will now be positive, pleasant, loving, kind,  giving, thankful and patient
- Your generational bloodline will be cleansed
- You will walk in power and authority over every giant spirit
-  You will not be under the rule of the end time spirits that are unleashed on the earth
- You will walk in the healing power of worship as David did. The atmosphere around you will be changed and you will heal others that are    being assaulted by the giants
These powerful scriptures have been paired with special music composed by my anointed friend, Janie DuVall, specifically for this revelation.
As you meditate and rest in the atmosphere of the Word of God, it will release the power to save your soul (James 1: 21). Step by step you will be healed and delivered of everything you have in common with the giants. Then, you will walk in divine health, peace of soul, unity in your relationships, and prosperity in every area of your life. Contained in this disc are the same tools I used to be free of every Nephilim influence in my get ready for a MAJOR shift in yours!

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BENT 1 Slaying The Giants in Your Soul Teaching Soak Combo

BENT 1 Slaying The Giants in Your Soul Teaching Soak Combo

Brand New 3 Disc Teaching Series along with a 1 Disc Companion Soaking CD! Total 4 Disc CD Set. Music by Janie DuVall

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